Tuesday, September 6, 2005

OMG!!! My little cat caught a mouse!!!!

Because my sister has gone to school, so her baby cat ' Yoyo' came to my home for a while. He is a naughty cat, the naughtiest cat I have ever seen. Sometimes he made me scream because he can make my entire room a total mess which I couldn't make~say that I am jealous or whatsoever, there is still one thing that I could never do---catch a mouse!!


I always think that my house is pretty clean and nice, though seldom I found a little bit dirt on the floor. Anyway I could never think of that there are mice in my house until late today when I was packing my bags and I saw Yoyo playing with his trophy--a real mouse!! I was shocked at first~~then I was wondering if he was really hungry that he can't bear to eat a mouse? He was playing with it, throwing it and catching it again and again with his mouth and claws, never to eat it...Definitely, that mouse was dead~poor guy~and I finally threw that mouse into the trash can...I didn't know that Yoyo could do this again after like 1 hour. He caught another mouse and played with that little poor mouse until it was dead...I threw that dead mouse away again~God knows if he can catch the third one...I hope he could, because cat does catch mice. It's just because that ,unfortunately, there are mice at my house~~


Here's Yoyo's trophy:


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  1. It must be very interesting...I watched some similar things but it is shame not to picture it at that time.