Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back Again

At present,I am still staying home praying that my computer will get back to nornal. Having reinstalled my computer twice and having reinstalled all my software twice, listening to "winding road" millions of times, I am telling myself that everything's gonna be ok. I don't know how come my computer didn't have sound and couldn't log on any more, to top it off, I got cold. Living in a wold without the net is just like a fish living in the dessert...well, that's true for me. I don't remember when I became so addicted to the net and I can even surf the net without food...what a ...~


Anyway, I think my net-addicted days (which, still, I am loving)are gonna be over, since I have promised to visit Chongqing the day after tomorrow and after that I wil go to Jiuzhaigou Valley. I can't think about how messy my room is every time I walk into my room, and I can always find any excuse for my laziness--I just stay home for two months, why not enjoy the warmth of the family and leave the mess alone. But when I was alone without the net, I began to think how lazy I was and I began to put my things back again. To some extent, I hope that there is no internet in this world so that somebody will get back to where they used to be, friends hangning out together, family watching TV together after dinner, talking about their life, not like now, everybody talking on the net. But for most of the part, I hope that the internet services can get much better, so that I will never worry whether I could log on now...Paradoxical again, this is a paradoxical world.

So before my leaving I decided to indulge myself in the virtual world again for some time, because I know that the days are really precious, they come not easy.


Be4 my summber break, I made many plans for my summer like every year. But look at me now, it's like every year that all my plans and fantacies are gone. But this is the best way to relax myself, I can still remember that in the beginning of every semester, I can have the most energetic dynamics to go back to study again. Sometimes I can't think about how my life would be like in Shanghai: heck, I have to spend another couples of years in another city again...after celibrating my graduation in Nanjing, I fell in love with that city. And I am wondering whether I will love Shanghai...For most of the time, I think I am pretty dumb with what's going on around me, sometimes I wish I could be someone who knows his ways around. I have been telling myself that 'silence is gold', but now it seems it's not true in every situation...No absolute truth in this world. After coming back from Nanjing, I begin to reconsider what happened in my four-year college life, and I even dreamed some of it. It's true that what happened in my four-year life left me a lot to think about, to learn from. It's like that I have to digest it for a long time. But I wish time could wait for me to catch up. While, even if time really waited, will you understand it all? Maybe a just-let-it-go attitude would help somewhat...



And its a winding road
I've been walking for a long time
Still don't know
Where it goes
And it's a long way home
I've been searching for a long time
Still have hope
I'm gonna find my way home





  1. Ha, that's y I had't seen you on net for several days.You lucky dog can go out for a trip now. And I have to stay at home just because I can not find someone else to go to Suzhou with me! T_TAnyway, have a good trip. Never think about things like summer plan since you can have fun in these days. You c, this is the only long holiday with no plan for me since we entred the uni, and my days are as dull as you can imagine!!! Now even series and movies can not exciting me. How can I cover these days~~

  2. oh my god,i used to be a studet of huaxi middle school ,so i was wondering who u are ,maybe we know each other or maybe not ,even maybe u haven't been a student of huaxi middle school, all at is only a guess of mine--cause i've find ur blog in someone's web who used to study in HXMS.