Saturday, June 25, 2016


Last time I visited Dujiangyan, the ancient water dam in the upstream of river systems of Chengdu, was 7 years go after the earthquake in the mountain range which did damage to the town near the water dam. As Dujiangyan is the World Cultural Heritage recognized by the UN, it’s one of the most visited tourist spots in Chengdu. Ken and I left early that morning with my mom and aunt to Dujiangyan. Along with numerous new built skyscrapers, an express train line was also built connecting Chengdu and Dujiangyan. We drove on the free way which is times better than before and faster. The ancient town itself had its renovation after the earthquake impact, and it’s better organized and designed. That was my first impression, and I am glad this area is getting better. It’s pretty much night and day difference. This time not only was I revisiting the dam, but I need to introduce it to Ken as well. So we did lots of walking in the water dam park, and spent most of the day there. After thousands of years, this dam is still a blessing to the city downstream, providing water and resources. It is surely the obligation of each and every generation to protect it, no matter what.

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