Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Vol.4-Dujiangyan

Chengdu is still beautiful after the devastating May Earthquake last year, but other places near the fault zones were not that lucky. I asked my dad to drive me to Dujiangyan to have a look on my last day in Chengdu, because I still feel guilty that I could not get back to Chengdu in May, and I wished I could do something to help. Mom said Dujiangyan is different from before, because there are not so many people there any more. I can still see the wreckage everywhere in the city after 8 months already, and it will take a long time to recover. We had lunch beside a river in a restaurant which was so popular that people had to book a table several days before. The restaurant is one of few restaurants left there now, and most of the owners have left for somewhere else. The manager said she wanted to jump into the river when the whole building was shaking crazily then, even though she doesn’t know how to swim. When we drove towards the Erwang Temple, which was badly damaged in the earthquake, we saw lots of camps in the suburban area. Hospitals, schools, houses, all in camps…Mom said during that hard time, she cried every day when she was watching TV. So did I, I did not tell anybody about this, though.

I wanted to see Dujiangyan this time, and I did. I believe next time when I see this city, it will be better, and so will other places.


The Damage

The Damage

New Constructions
Zipingpu Dam

The Wreckage


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