Friday, May 20, 2016

Back in Shanghai

After about 24 hours flight, I finally arrived in Shanghai, the city that I used to know. Things changed so much after so many years, but my impression right now is it’s more crowded and more chaotic. Maybe that’s why there are so many restriction and bans here for easier management, but it doesn’t really solve all the problems. Scooters, pedestrians and bicycles still cross the streets whenever they want, and vehicles honk accordingly or do it whenever they want. Subway trains are more crowded with more rude people, yelling during their conversations. People shove and push to get on the trains with many of them on the phone. Lots of people are cold and services are indifferent and rude. Those are the reasons why I left here. But there are also reasons why I miss it. Restaurants are everywhere within walking distances with so many variaties. I don’t have to drive to get groceries since they are just downstairs. I am sure I can lose some weight this way since this type of lifestyle requies moving all the time.

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