Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kentucky State Capitol

Since we have never been to the State Capitol in the past few years, on Monday, I told Ken that we should visit it when we can. So after lunch, we went inside the State Capitol for a tour. We waited for about half an hour and then joined a group of high school students, most of whom are girls. It was little strange that we were arranged with them, but since not many people would visit the building, it was convenient for the guide to just have one group of people. There were about at least 30 people and I couldn’t hear what the guide was talking about most of the time, because he spoke softly with apparently nervous and uncomfortable look on his face. I can only imagine how it felt to speak in front of those teenage girls with mean and impatient faces along with those you-owe-me-money kind of attitudes. Ken later told me, I got stared down by two of those girls. I didn’t notice that, nor did I care. Whatever high school they were from, I am sure it’s not a good one. Immature students aside, the building looks amazing inside with marble floors and columns. The paintings on the ceilings are gorgeous too. I haven’t been to that many State Capitol buildings before, but this one definitely sets a high bar.


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