Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mariah Carey Christmas Concert at Beacon Theater

While enjoying the time in NYC, it was a sweet surprise that Mariah Carey was doing her first annual Christmas concert at Beacon Theater. Honestly, I never would expect to see her live performance specially at this time of the year. But also at the same time, given the fact that "All I Want For Christmas is You" is always popular during the holiday season, it’s not completely out of blue that she is there. Anyway, I bought the tickets for very nice seats two days before, and I was quite excited about it.

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Beacon Theater is on the west side of Midtown Manhattan, and it’s a very beautiful theater, although it’s not very big.

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When Mariah showed up on the stage, everybody stood up including us. I was expecting to have a relaxing and laid back concert sitting on our seats, but I guess it was obviously too exciting to sit down for some people. The only issue was that the two guys two rows in front of us were very tall and I had to stand on my toes to see the stage at times, but at least I could still see-the family right in front of us were completely blocked by those two guys and I felt sorry for them. The concert was about 90 minutes long, but I felt it was very short. Other than her famous Christmas songs, she also did her three No.1 hit songs, "Emotion", "We Belong Together" and "Hero". I know that she is not at her best any more, so it’s understandable that since hitting those high notes are not easy for her, those high notes were lip synced. Still, regardless how she did it, it was the live atmosphere that drove everybody’s adrenaline pumping throughout the whole concert. It was a great show and not many artist nowadays could draw so many people from 18 years to 70 years old to a show like this.

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