Monday, November 17, 2014


The steel city is about 3 hours away from Columbus. I have been there a few times but I always struggled with the traffic there. Considering it’s a mountainous city with two rivers merging in downtown, it’s not hard to imagine that the roads are limited by those natural obstacles. The good thing about those obstacles is that buildings are on different levels of the terrains and it’s really beautiful if you choose the right places to go, like Mt.Washington where you can see the full skyline of downtown. It seems the traffic was always bad even on the weekends, because the last two times when I was there, we were trapped in traffic jam for a good amount of time even though it was not week days. The population of the city is about the same as Lexington and a lot smaller than Columbus, but I haven’t experienced that kind of traffic jam in either Lexington or Columbus. I guess partially it shows the advantages of cities on the plains and it’s the same everywhere in the world. Aside from the traffic issues, Pittsburgh is a very beautiful city and its skyline is just gorgeous.

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