Monday, September 8, 2014

Mid-Autumn Day

Mid-Autumn Day is the traditional Chinese holiday when families get together, eating moon-cakes and drinking tea under the full moon. It’s probably the second most important Chinese holiday in a year after Spring Festival. I always love Mid-Autumn Day because I love moon-cakes like many others. There are always so many varieties of moon-cakes each year and my favorite is either Cantonese bean paste flavor or Yunnan ham flavor. I stopped by a Chinese market yesterday to pick up the moon-cakes. I don’t remember I ever spent lots of money on moon-cakes because we always got them for free either from school or from companies back in China. But here in the States, not everyone celebrates the holiday, so if I want some I have to buy some. The Cantonese nuts flavor I bought yesterday wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it’s cool to know that I have a moon-cake in my hands with the big moon up in the sky.

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