Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Parkette-Another Good Burger Place

So far Meadowthorpe Café burgers are rated the best burgers by us, even though their burgers are pretty greasy. Since it’s the holiday season, our mail box can always be filled all types of coupons and ads. The other day, Ken and I decided to give another try at The Parkette since they offered a lot of cheap burger coupons. The decoration in the restaurant is very unique and cool since I believe it was renovated from a car garage. The moment you entered the door, you could sense the strong traditional American southern food. The "poor boy" meal was very cheap even without the coupon. The burger was big with three buns, similar to Big Mac from McDonald’s, but it was surely tastier than a Big Mac. The service was nice with a good professional waitress. I am sure we will go back there again.

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