Monday, June 25, 2012

Garage Sale

I guess there are always a lot of first times in a person’s life. Although I knew garage sale before I came to the States, I haven’t had the chance to really do one myself. Of course, garage sale is not normally something the owner would love to do, considering the real price of each item on sale. Anyway, my opinion is that unless you have time to sell things beforehand or you just want to get rid of stuff really fast without caring about its value, then go ahead and do it. It wasn’t really fun to do that garage sale for two days, especially when the sun was too strong and we were ill prepared. There were lots of people showing up on Saturday morning and very few the second day. Most people were really good bargainers and they would cut the prices I labeled to half and even lower. I feel like they were pretty picky, shady, rude and stingy. I remember there was a lady who wanted to buy that nice glass dining table and four chairs for only $25. After I loaded those things on her van, she gave me $20, simply by saying that was the only money she had. I knew I could have refused to sell it and I regretted that afterwards. People generally wanted things for free from garage sale. There was only one old lady who shared her sympathy with us and bought some decent stuff without lowering the price too much. Compared with those customers, I was really amateur and simple. It was pretty much a waste of time on Sunday since we were basically sitting there and waiting. Thinking about driving 200 miles down is not fun either and we had to be there on time. If I could do that garage sale again, I would prepare better next time and attract more people.


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