Friday, June 22, 2012

Blogger Stats Not Accurate?

I had my issues with Blogger Stats since day one. As much as I like its interface and comprehensive information like posts counts and traffic sources, it always gives me strange post counts. That made me not trust its credibility. So a few months later, I installed Google Analytics which I think could be used as a verification. Blogger Stats turned out to be very different from Google Analytics result. I was a little frustrated especially when some of the posts always stay on the top of the counting list and I know that nobody would click those posts. One of the blogs was posted years ago and it wasn’t relevant on every level; and yet it stayed on the top list since the beginning. It would be really misleading for the readers since I just don’t want it to be shown on the Popular Posts list constantly. So I ended up deleting that blog. I read some articles online about the result difference from Blogger Stats, and some say that’s because Blogger Stats counts actually not only real visits, but also computer visits. That makes sense at some point, but with that being said, the counts should be higher in Blogger Stats, which is not the case for my blog. I guess maybe I will just have to wait and hope that Blogger team can really solve one of the issues like this. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I have the same problem with my blogger stats on my blog: , Now I use and google analytics, I think they are more accurate.