Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Update


After those crazy days last week, I finally got to sleep late on Saturday. One thing I really don’t like about working late is that it is affecting the performance of the next following days let alone the toll it took on health and everything else. I tried to avoid working late but somehow it seems it’s a little too hard to do so. The “Flag Burrito" I had in a Mexican restaurant was big with that spicy red sauce. I loved it. I finished the entire burrito eventually but I got very stuffed of course.


Christmas is coming this year and to me, it seems I never had a so called traditional Christmas simply because it’s not the traditional Chinese holiday and also because I normally don’t get those days off. I don’t know how long this is lasting but I am not really expecting too much at this point. I remember that Christmas is just about commercial stuff in China, but I guess it’s a lot different here. Families started to set up the Christmas trees right after Thanksgiving Day and lights are everywhere on the houses. It is probably the favorite holiday for a lot of people here, but I just wonder when will that be the case for me.

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