Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taste of Cincinnati

I didn’t go to this annual Culinary Art Festival last year and this time I was asked to go with my friends. It has been raining a lot lately and it’s nice that it was sunny today. But walking along Fifth Street this afternoon was not quite pleasant since it was humid and hot with many people. The last time I saw so many people was on Labor Day 2010, and it’s quite scarce to see the big crow here normally. The food I had wasn’t quite good except the BBQ ribs but I guess when you get there it’s not all about food any more. There were some rock band shows and commercials and it was quite relaxing to walk around to get something you think yummy. The Crunchy Pad Thai I had from Bangkok Bistro was actually the worse Pad Thai I have ever had in Cincinnati. It was too sweet and salty in a way that you couldn’t have more than 3 bites, so I threw it away eventually. I guess I just didn’t find the best taste before my stomach was stuffed or at least I hope so. I loved the casual atmosphere that I haven’t experienced for some time and even like sitting on the step stairs on the street was quite nice on such day when you think you still have one day off on Monday thanks to the Memorial Day.


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