Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let It Snow


Here is my favorite part-everything is covered in white. As much as I love snow, it barely snows back in Shanghai or Chengdu, but here in Cincinnati it seems it came really easily if that’s the case. Even though I know it’s a little risky to drive in snow today, I wanted to give it a shot to have a little fun as I never drove in snow before. After I spent 10 minutes cleaning the snow on my car, I drove out to all the nice places I could think of to see the snow. The road condition was fine because it's covered with salt so the snow can easily melt without causing any problems, although it might cause the rust on the car to some extent. Anyway, when I got to Ault Park, I found the park was closed for the season even though people can still get in there. So I just took a few pictures and then left for Covington where I got a coffee and walked a little on the river bank. It was wet and windy so I didn’t stay out for too long as I don’t want to catch cold or anything. Time was well wasted today, because I didn’t do much other than enjoy the snowy day.


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