Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burlesque Premiere

Even though I asked my friends to join me watching Burlesque premiere yesterday, few were interested in going with me. So I decided to watch it by myself for my Thanksgiving. As much as I would love to do something special on a special day, I have never gone to see a movie alone. It has been raining just like last year-maybe it’s always like this on Thanksgiving in the States? Since I didn’t really expect too much, the movie turned out to be quite relaxing for me. I wasn’t surprised by Christina Aguilera’s powerful voice as I have been listening to the soundtrack lately. There is no doubt that her amazing song performance is the main reason that I went to see the movie, but Cher and Tucci are simply amazing as well in the movie. Although it’s true that compared with the Oscar winner’s acting in the movie, Christina still needs more polishing to an excellent actress, still considering it’s her first movie, she has done a great job already. I was sitting in the middle row in the theater and it was probably half full. I thought maybe most of people who went to see the movie were Christina’s fans, but when Cher showed up in the movie, some girls at the back row were screaming and applauding. The movie is quite personal to Christina in my opinion as it partially reflects how she got to where she is right now, and I really think maybe the director just wrote the script for her, which is a good thing for us fans. Overall, the movie was entertaining and humorous in some ways and it’s worth watching for sure.


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