Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Last year, I almost missed the Thanksgiving dinner and I missed the Black Friday shopping time, but this time even though I don’t have anything to buy, my friends and I drove to Cincinnati Outlets for Black Friday in the middle of the night. The parking lot was fully packed and we could barely find one single spot. It was snowing as well, although it stopped pretty soon.


I just got two shirts from “Banana Republic” using my gift card, so basically I didn’t spend a whole lot of money there, simply because first I don’t have anything to buy; second, the deals were just not appealing to me; third, I don’t have that much money to lavish. Friends said it’s kind of like a routine to do this Black Friday shopping thing, and not many things are changed each year. So even if I missed everything this year, let’s hope it would be better next year. Spending time with friends is surely better than alone on holidays, and I guess I am very likely to have another Spring Festival alone here. Sometimes just indulging ourselves into something addictive can distract us in so many ways, and of course by addictive, I mean playing computer games like Civilization V and Sims 3 or reading papers. ;o)

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