Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Mad

It’s been over a week since Microsoft decided to shut down Windows Live Spaces. To me, it’s an irresponsible and selfish idea to abandon so many bloggers who are still using Windows Live Spaces as major blogs. Even though some say that they did a good job to ‘upgrade’ their service to a better platform, it’s not the same at all. First of all, in order to migrate to, we have to create another user name which basically means we can migrate to other blogging services as well, why It just looks like that we are dumped by Microsoft. Just because the majorities use Blogspot or Wordpress doesn’t mean nobody uses Windows Live Spaces, and the rights of the minorities should not be ignored or deprived. It’s really unfair and disrespectful to those people like me. Secondly, if potentially Microsoft is going to buy, then why don’t they just inform the public after the purchase instead of now when lots of Windows Live Spaces users are very disappointed. Right now, I think I would just take back my previous words complimenting how good Windows Live Spaces was-forget about it! Maybe Microsoft is just good at developing nice software, because obviously they have surrendered to the Internet tycoon-Google. Speaking of software, even though I am devastated that my blog has to be moved, Windows Live Writer is still good to use on either Wordpress or Blogspot, and that really puts me in relief to some extent. As I gradually get used to Blogspot, maybe I will forget about Windows Live Spaces. Microsoft staff are right that we can have better blogging experience somewhere else, but to me it’s on Blogspot. Hopefully, Google won’t abandon its blogging service like Microsoft did. Nobody can guarantee that, and that’s one of the facts of this changing world. Just get used it!

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