Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blizzard

People always tend to cherish things that are rare, and the same is true for the snow. As the snow kept falling down for two days, accumulating an 8” thick layer on the ground, I forgot to take out my camera to record the moment until it stopped snowing yesterday. The blizzard hit the east coast of America on Monday and forced many daily facilities to close, and for the first time in my life our university was closed on Tuesday afternoon as well. It was super awesome for me, since I didn’t really see any problems walking from home to school. Never did I come up with the idea of buying a pair of boots, but this time I did think about it. It was so interesting to walk on the snow, seeing everything white. I know this is quite common in northeast China, but it is quite new to me!

The snow storm stopped today and weather forecast says it will come back again on the weekend. Although I am not quite sure about the accuracy of weather forecast, I am expecting that, frankly speaking. There will be two exams next week and I was supposed to study yesterday when I got almost a whole day off, but “unfortunately”, I spent 10 hours building my favorite Sims and houses in the Sunset Valley. Once again, I feel that I am not a person who has a strong sense of self control and I felt guilty afterwards. It’s so cliché to say that and it’s so high school, but basically I think the success of a person is highly depending on his ability to control himself. For that, I am pessimistic and I am not being modest. Nevertheless, the brighter side is that working hard is also a sort of addiction. So if I am guided in the right direction, things might not be as bad as I thought.

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