Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Morning Cincy; Happy Mid-Autumn Day.


The dawn was breaking and I got up in the morning to buy groceries. I felt kind of ashamed that I wasn’t able to watch the parade on Oct. 1st, thank to the darn slow internet speed that night. I missed one great event, so I promised myself I am not going to miss another one; although things were quite spontaneous. After I successfully got my swim trunk and swimming goggles at Macy’s, I knew I don’t need to worry too much about the fattening food any more-the sports facilities are good. Saturday was busier than I expected. As I gradually recovered from the Friday night Grad Mix Party at Pavilion, the alcohol did not take its toll on me in the afternoon. Going to bed at 2am seems to come back as my long lost habit again, although I know it’s not good at all, especially at this point of my life. So I declined their cordial invitation to the brunch on Sunday, since lab work and working out are my first priority now.

IMG00192 IMG00193

One of the highlights was I got the chance to taste the local Sichuan cuisine on Mid-Autumn Day. The restaurant is so Chinese, and I did not feel exotic at all. It reminded me of the combination of both Chengdu and Shanghai. I told them that I might feel homesick after 2 months when I come back here again. One different thing is since Chinese food as some kind of exotic food to the locals here, the price is normally not cheap. So it’s quite rare here, especially for someone who does not have a car like me. As I indulged myself completely in this western culture here, I begin to doubt how many Chinese traditional traits there exist within my soul. Not yet the time to get anxious or ashamed, but it’s something I need to think about privately.


  1. 今天是10月10日。祝你生日快乐,学业有成!

  2. 生日快乐!!!