Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coldest Christmas

Just got back from my trip, and I couldn't wait to get back to my blog. It proved that this Beijing trip is totally worth it, and it was the best Christmas I ever had. China is not a Christmas country, and I don't have holidays for this. So basically, this is quite a record. The first day when I got to Beijing was the coldest day on record in Beijing, and obviously I did not get ready for that. I thought I was so doomed, because I did not take enough clothes. But luckily, after that, it was not cold anymore. I have been to great places this time that I have not been to in the past two trips to Beijing, and I am glad this time I did all the research to do things I wanted in Beijing. Also, for the first time, I got the chance to walk on the ice of Houhai bar area-it was awesome. The Great Wall of Mutianyu is definitely good in snow except the fact that I thought it's not as wide as I expected. Walking on the empty wall, and seeing sunset, it couldn't be any better.

The bars in Houhai is not as good as Sanlitun where The Tree and Rickshaw locate. Mainly, I think it's because many consulates are around Sanlitun not Houhai, so Sanlitun is more international, while Houhai is more commercial. Of course some bars in Sanlitun is also quite commercial, and they are just looking for money instead of entertaining customers. I can get dizzy quite fast with two beers, so normally I just have one beer and it makes me relaxed. Christmas dinner was in Rickshaw, and Christmas lunch was at the Olive. It was great, except the service at the Olive was really pathetic. All in all, I loved it.

The only thing that concerns me is I did not have time to catch up with Elyn who invited me before my coming to Beijing. I hope she can understand...I really had a tight trip. Also, my other friends texted me during the trip, but I did not reply promptly. My bad. I guess I am just libra, and you know what I mean.

It was a fruitful trip, and I hope I can have more time for trips soon.

On the train to Beijing 
Water Cube Light On After 6pm 
The Great Wall 
Summer Palace On Ice  
Beijing Duck Feast 
Back In Shanghai 


  1. you need to buy yourself a new cam, the quality of photo is really.. not so good.