Saturday, December 13, 2008

So I Sold It

760RMB for Moto A810, and I sold it. Considering electronics products prices drop quite fast, I did not wait another week or so to sell the cellphone I bought one month ago. The student can definitely bargain, and in the end, it seemed I was the one who wanted to sell it desperately. The price I bought was 1200RMB without the 2G card, so it's almost 40% off the price I paid. I wanted to sell for 900RMB, and yet he did not compromise at all. I knew he wanted to buy the cellphone, and he knew I wanted to sell it. I gave in finally. The way I see it is I am flexible, not stubborn, and probably after new year, it would be difficult to sell it on a better price. Anyway, now I can use the money to buy the ticket to Beijing for Christmas, even though I said I would have given this cellphone to my mom. Since I still have Nokia 5610XM, she might as well use that one which is better than any of the mobile phones I have bought lately. I don't feel bad at all, not quite excited either, though.

I paid my price to make myself feel that I am still having my sanity.

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  1. so have you got a new cellphone? haha whenever u arrive in beijing, call me plz!!!