Monday, November 10, 2008


Honestly, I have to admit I did not get ready for the weather change at the first place, and that's why I think I got this cold on Sunday morning. It was just so dramatic that one minute it was hot, the next it was like freezing cold. Shanghai's weather is always the pain in the ass, and I never expect it to be mild. In order to keep myself safe throughout the winter, I went to the mall, where I lost my mobile phone two weeks ago, and I bought one rice cooker, along with some frozen dumplings and some frozen corn which can be stored in the fridge for a long time. So I cleaned the rice cooker, and tried the corn while watching "Desperate Housewives". It was nice, and the corn was exactly the same as that sold in KFC or McDonald's, which I like quite much. Also the rice cooker can potentially be the hot pot, when I get the meat and some vegetables next time.

Another awesome thing is the landlord moved out a week ago, and another kid who is going to have a crucial exam in January moved in. Thank goodness the landlord is gone. After all, having seen the post on BBS revealing all his bad deeds and mean spirit, it would be quite embarrassing to see the people all the time who really despise him. Of course, I know he would have moved out a long time ago, as he "promised" before I moved in. Evil ones will never change who they are, and that's the basic law of the world. He might quite well come back and do the same sad thing again, I mean definitely. At least, what I can have now is the precious transient peace in the house. It seems to me moving out next year would be my best choice no matter what. I gained my experience this time.

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