Friday, November 7, 2008

From Black To White

My blog used to be in a black background, and then I changed it into dark green. But lately I had problems with the head logo, because none of the online servers can provide me with the picture quality I wanted. Since I just need to be as simple as possible, the background color is changed into no color-white. I don't know how long I am going to stick to this solution, hopefully this is the ultimate solution. Yet the other side of the story tells me at least I still like changing, which means I am not too old, I mean mentally. I still like listening to the latest singles from new artists, and I still like embracing new things which are the latest trend. So maybe I am still young...My older cousin sister used to tell me that she was so old when she was in her mid 20s, and I couldn't understand that, as she was in her golden years in my eyes. Now I kind of feel the same as she did. Lots things have proved that I am no longer as young as before, and that always gets me. I start to notice tips about how to have healthy food and things like how to live a healthy life which were always ignored when I was, maybe, 2 years younger. The other day, I downloaded a software which can calculate the time when I die, of course it's just for fun. After I input my birth time, the result said I would die in 2029. It sucks, because when I calculated my friends, none of them would die before 2070. The result may not be true, but sometimes when we look back, we are always shocked by how fast time can fly. I used to think time is really slow when I was 3 years old, making mud soldiers in the field or building hydraulic dams in the little creek outside the house with friends. Now I start to miss the time when I had to study till mid night, and time really flies. Maybe it will be more true when I get older, and I think the reason why we think time is fast is because we are getting number as we grow older-we are getting more and more used to the mechanism of the world. 


  1. Man won't be old until he gets married

  2. 看你blog当作考研复习。