Friday, September 12, 2008

Xiamen 24 Hours

I didn't know I would go to Xiamen until the day before yesterday, and everything was just so fast. Yet however fast it might be, it never stopped my smart plan ahead of it. This time, I am so proud of myself that I couldn't wait to call my mom after getting back. Xiamen is the city I have been dreaming to go to for ages. The beach, the seafood, and the fresh air, it seems everything there is just so fabulous and the truth is Xiamen never disappoints me. In my memory, the most southern place I have been to was Kunming in the southwest, and obviously this trip to Xiamen could break my record-I love it. I was quite excited on the first day, and I just couldn't stop taking pictures, forgetting I was on a business trip.


Hongqiao Airport...Looks Crappy...

Xiamen Down There!!!
Xiamen Airport, Quite Small

Actually, this time was my first to stay in a 5 star hotel, and I did not know it until the taxi driver told me about it. Of course, the quality in there is different from the hotels I have been to, and the price there is like "OMG". I totally took the best advantage of it, and enjoyed the comfort I could possibly had there...Also I found the famous restaurant in Xiamen University, where I ordered the famous "sea clam dish", called "Hai Gua Zi". I wanted to try more seafood restaurants in Xiamen, but due to my tight schedule, I guess I'll just leave some of the best for my trips to Xiamen in the future.



Silly Me

Tiny Sea Clams

What I have to mention here is Xiamen University, one of the most beautiful universities in China. If Wuhan University is famous for its green mountains and a beautiful lake, then Xiamen University should be famous for the sexy golden beach. Before I got to the beach, I was walking inside the university, along with a strong fragrance floating around the campus. Then once I stepped outside the campus, the golden beach was stunning there across the road.


Xiamen University
The Beach
OMG!! She is NAKED!!!
Hy For Hylic
Sunset On The Beach
Dark Soon

Xiamen is quite a clean city, where you don't really see dust or even leaves on the streets. I was quite amazed that I managed to finished the dinner which was even too much for two, and surely I was quite stuffed, almost not being able to stand up. Then I took the bus outside the university to the commercial zone. Somehow I really envy the students in Xiamen University, because life there is just so convenient, and even the bus station outside the gate is so close to them-they don't need to walk extra miles to get into town, not like us in Shanghai. Lucky bastards. I wanted to go to "Gulangyu", another small island off the main island, but I found I really had limited time. So I ended up having a cup of green tea with honey, walking along the harbor and viewing the night lights on the rocks of the island across the channel-it's beautiful. Since I did not want to waste the luxurious bed in the hotel, I hailed a taxi back before nine.


As much as I like seeing more about this city, I never forgot my task the next day. Being totally engaged in work, time slipped away quite fast. 24 hours in Xiamen definitely left me with a beautiful memory, and I'd love to go back again, not only for I need to get on to Gulangyu to explore a little bit more, but for the seafood which I can never get enough.


  1. If you have more opportunities, you can visit some other famous places in Xiamen. Actually, I do not like this city, expecially its transportation.

  2. Xiamen , my favorite city~

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