Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Staying In the Office

I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but I don't have other choices. The landlord did not pay the broadband bill, so the Internet service is suspended in the apartment, without which I cannot survive. The wireless Internet provided by China Mobile is convenient since it's quite fast and it worked well on my computer and yet the price is outrageous. And thanks to that, my cellphone service was suspended as well. So I had to recharge it in no time. Yet the return of Internet is not that fast-I was told he will go to pay the bill as fast as possible. Of course, I will need my Internet service repayment back next time he asks me for the rent, since he's been the pain in the ass, and I ain't that weak to be kicked around. It is quite difficult to live in the room without Internet, and it's like I am in the 90s again, only with the TV to watch. China Mobile's wireless Internet service seems to be ok, with 0.05yuan/min, but when it comes to reality, my 50 yuan in my cellphone was used up in just one day. I don't know how much I will have to put up with this landlord, who is stingy and selfish, but I think next year, if I am still here in Shanghai, I will definitely change an apartment. The furniture in the house is nearly worn out, and the pipes in the bathroom are leaking, so is my air-conditioner. He said he will repair them and yet he is always having the pretext to delay it. Or maybe he is really having some problems with his life-and we need to understand that-but who gave him the right to exploit us, who are inexperienced, just graduated newbies. I will not have my mercy on this guy. Plus I am the one who needs sympathy.

Well, since my roomie always stays in the office for the meetings with the US teams, I thought I might as well give it a shot, as I could use the Internet to do some work. So I had some rice with meat and vegetables for dinner in the cafeteria. I also tried a bowl of milky tofu, which made me almost vomit, as the strong smell of cream was really disgusting. Thank god, I convinced my stomach not to throw up. To be honest, it's more convenient to stay in the office than in my room, where the chair is always too tall for the desk, making my back and neck hurt quite fast. Bad ergonomics! No wonder lots of people stay here longer whatever reason it is. Of course, I am sure only the singles have the guts to stay in the office after work, otherwise the other half's might kick their asses. Also, this reminds of my graduate years in the lab when we had to stay there no matter how late it was, some of them even put sheets on the floor to stay in the lab overnight, which was too much for me of course. To some extent, the current job is somewhat similar to what I was doing in school, and that's one of the reasons I am enjoying it, for I don't need to change too much to continue my dream just outside the campus. With lots of possible resources from the nearby university and most of my good friends there, that's not bad.


  1. Aha, seems that you are enjoying everything in your daily job.
    Why not come back to the campus? since you re very nearby here.

  2. hi~friend ! thanks for ur message.welcome to my space and my salon~:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by, added a pin to your guestbook.  Don't worry about excessive messages was able to take care of it.  The Eee can handle Vista and has some drivers for it, but XP runs much better with no issues.  Wife loves it for email and web browsing she doesn't use it for much else.  We gamed for 4 hours last night and the battery lasted most of that time.  Thanks again for stopping by and the comments.