Friday, July 11, 2008

A Different View

Now things are changed, and I am not facing the roofs of the dorms on campus when I get up in the morning on the 13th floor. This time, I am 10 floors lower and the view is definitely different from the window. Mom called me the other day, and she was not quite happy about my behavior lately, since I forgot to call her when I moved out-she called my dorm only to find a stranger answered the phone. I need praise how efficient the school is to arrange new students to dorms. Anyway, currently I don't have a phone here in this new apartment, and mom said she can talk to me online, since it's free. I know she loves playing cards online and talking online would be just another relaxing entertainment for her. Yet I am not a big fan of talking online, and thinking about the sound quality and connection issues, I really doubt it would be a good idea. I can give it a try, but the permanent solution should come up as well.

So far, it seems everything is going on the right track. I can have my privacy if I want, and it's quiet and comfortable in the room. Definitely the view from the window has changed a lot, and there is no longer wind blowing through the room when I open the window. I miss that...Though I can see my campus across the street, and I can also call my friends out for hanging out, yet it seems I am already further from where I was than I thought. The connection was still there, but I just don't know if it's strong enough keep hanging on there.



The SJTU Gate

The Administration Building

At this moment, it seems I am getting more and more comfortable with what I think of myself as, and working seems to be not so hard. I need to learn new things, and they are not so insurmountable like they appear to be. The working environment is a more independent place than I thought, and I'll see what I get from there this time. I ain't a scared chicken any


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