Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sakura Plant

Japan is a tidy clean country with polite people, and that's most people know about it nowadays, especially westerners who always compare Japanese with Chinese. Thinking about the good things, for some time I was excited about the brand new life there, and yet thinking twice, I was worried as well--I have to learned another language and I have to understand another culture. That is not easy. Learning English for such a long time, I am not even really gasping the core of it yet, let alone Japanese which I have never touched before. Though I have the confidence to learn Japanese well, yet there is something in the way I can't describe. But now, it seems things have changed! I don't need to go to the sakura plant, and I will just stay where I am. Pros or cons, I am happy with whatever choice I made, since I got this youth and energy which will benefit me in any aspect in my life. Maybe next time I go to see sakura, the feeling would be just purely agreeable melancholy instead of complete familiarity.

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