Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Words In 2007

Time flies as always, and it seems quite natural that 2007 is going away. For some people who had a terrible year, they just wish this year can go as fast as possible, and for some others, they really wish to stay where they are forever. Fortunately, time is fair for everybody, like it or not, you guys have to get into 2008.

Everybody makes mistakes, and it's important for people to learn from those mistakes. Straying on the sidewalk is not something we are proud of, and yet if we have the guts to correct it, we are fine. 2007 was never easy for me, maybe I was destined to undergo these things in my life. Given me choices, I would have had other better alternatives. Anyway, when I look back at this point, I just don't regret what I have done, and still I am living my life.

I was dreaming about writing a list of things-to-do, and things-not-to-do in 2008, but thinking about my passion and flexibility, I guess will just follow my dreams and heart. Instead of being rational, I'd rather be emotional. Sounds ridiculous, but I guess this is the only place I am entitled not to give a darn about anything. Because this is my utopia! Man! Mine!

After this crucial time here in 2007, lots of things will be clear in the beginning of 2008. Hopefully good, still there can be lots of unpredictability. Anything that happens can change my life completely. Maybe I should not exaggerating the consequences, and maybe making a specific plan would be better. A plan? I hate making plans. It's not romantic, it's not cool...I ain't a nerd! Or maybe this is why I didn't get things I really wanted in 2007. Maybe this is my major weakness? Yay, I found my personality shortage in 2007, what a big achievement!

In 2007, I enjoyed most of the time staying in bed late till almost noons;

             I went to some places without considering where they were, as long as I was happy;

             Love made me forget who I was and lose myself;

             Pressure failed to make me work as hard as I was supposed to;

             There were two tests that I could be proud of, which once again built up my confidence;

             The confidence I had got me into the dilemma I am still afraid to think about;

             There were ecstasy and agony came to me, making my life complicated;

             Disappointments always haunted me even though things had passed for a long time;

             I paid my price for the lessons I could not learn in school.

All in all, 2007 is not an ideal year, but maybe just because of some imperfection in life, I can feel who I am, and where I am; I can live my life like a real human being.

2008 is coming soon, and as always, I have so many dreams and hopes for the next coming year. I am embracing my youth, enjoying my life, and I hope everybody can have what they want in their lives, and enjoy every moment in their lives.

Happy New Year!


  1. Wish you a good luck in the beginning of the coming new year