Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pics from Masters Cup Shanghai 2007

Too busy this year, so I don't think I will have time for this tennis masters cup, though Vance let me have the extra ticket to be an unofficial volunteer...I wanted to work there because I promised to get some tickets, but now it seems I don't need to get some tickets. I didn't go to Qizhong today, because there are some other stuff I need to catch up in school.

Anyways, sitting in the Mercedez-Benz official car to run an errand, and attracting people's attention were quite cool. I bought three DVD players for Roger Federer, Djokvic and Nadal, and it took me a whole day. I don't really have the passion to take the pics there any more, maybe I have done enough last year. Sometimes, I feel this kind of job was a sort of burden, so different from last year when I was so excited to see everything. Am I getting old? I got the accreditation card yesterday, and that means I can go there whenever I want, though it's a little different from other volunteers. I just love this kind of freedom, which I earned from last year.

My problem is that every night, I had nightmares, because I had a bad day last week. Things have not sunk in yet, but I hope those nightmares will not get any worse...

PS:My camera sucked at Beyonce's concert, so I took pics using my cell phone, instead of my stupid camera...

The Ceiling of Qizhong Stadium
Federer practising with his GF beside.
Djokvic got interviewed
A Big TV in Roger Federer's single room

So much for the pics today, since I don't want to get into any trouble...I am the best volunteer, like Vance said. Sometimes just a word is enough to push me forwards...

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  1. im so proud of you to gain such great words from Vance,although i don't know who he is exactly ,but he is sure to be some big person in the master cup , huh? Also, i bet you got more from master cup far beyond the praise !
    The day before yesterday I attended a job interview. when the program manager asked me how i got improved in my oral english , i mentioned you.  You are always one of the small group of person i admire and be proud of.
    seems i write too much here today  .lol~~~~~