Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer Is Gone

It will continue to be hot for some time, but 2007 summer is almost gone now. This summer is a different summer from any summers I had, because I spent all my time alone without my family. I do miss my mom, dad, grandma, sister...But sometimes things will not just go as you wish. I missed the chance to go to the prairie in north of Sichuan with my family; I missed the chance to see the snow in July on the Que'er Mount.; I missed the chance to see the Lama Temples in Kangding...I missed so many things in this summer.

I spent all my July in the dorm and lab, and that was the hottest time of the whole year. I slept on the ground in my dorm, because otherwise I would have woken up with sweat all over in the middle of night. Then came the August, and all of a sudden, everything seemed to be poured in on me. I was wondering how come some things did not come to me in July. Yeah, it's just the life, and the bottom line of the life is: things are not fair.

I had my hardest summer this year, and for most of the time, I was pretty numb. That's why time really passed me by so fast. When I look at what I have done, I am amazed by that. Also when I think of how much time I have wasted, I try not to think about it. Because the pain of losing time is never something you can heal. Instead of facing it, I choose to walk away.

What I have done in summer will have its consequenses in the following months, goopd or bad, I should get ready for whatever comes my way. Don't let the laziness get in the way!

I missed the trip to a dreamland, but I won't miss ticket for the journey to my dream!


  1. U missed something ,meanwhile, u gained something. this is called "balance". lol~~~

  2. 最后一句好经典啊,还以为是熟语呢,google了一下原来是hylic原创。今年的天气是有些奇怪,上海很热,西安和成都却很凉快。暑假充实过后的这个秋天应该够我们大家忙活的了,加油哦!