Monday, August 27, 2007

I Write Blogs, Because You Read Them

A performance without audience is no fun, and writing blogs without readers is lame, or it's just your own self satisfaction.  Whenever I think about people reading my blogs, I am more motivated to write more. I like being the center of attention without any pressure, and blogging definitely gives me the chance to do it. I am a quiet person, and for most of the time on table with people having dinner, I would be just minding my own business--eating. I don't really like being that way, but it seems that I just lack the skills of better communication with others. I should change!! Whereas, when it comes to blogging, I am more active and talkative. Everybody has the potential of wanting to be the center of attentions, because in doing so, they can find their own existance, or you can say some sort of their needs deep inside can be satisfied eventually.

Especially, when there is someone you care about, you love reading the blogs you wrote, that could be the best rewarding you could ever have after you spent lots of time writing things on your space. I write blogs, not because I am expecting someone would read it, but because I would feel really rewarded after someone has read it. Sometimes a beautiful surprise, sometimes nothing. That's the stake I need to know. No big deal, but the rewarding feeling can give you a good day, a beautiful smile, a happy face. I can live without it, but it would be different otherwise.

The summer in Shanghai is sticky and swelteringly hot, so sitting in my dorm to write my blogs is the most typical thing I could do, and I think no matter when, I will always remember this...This feeling, this experience will not fade away.

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