Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get Back To Busy

Yeah, I finally decided to do something important before I leave this university. I have pondered a lot before I made up my mind. That was not easy, especially on that morning when I had to get up at 6:30am to carry out my plans. Anyways, I am glad that I will get engaged in lots of things.

I was really happy yesterday when I left the professor's office, because she made some compliments on my English. Jeez, I really need them desperately, especially when I am at this time when nobody gives a darn about each other. I was like living quietly in a hole invisibly. Now there is someone re-discovering me? This feeling is awesome. Of course, I need to pay for this too--I should translate some stuff for her. But hey, it was totally worth it. I was doing the task so willingly and carefully like I never did. See the power of compliment? I need it!

Alright, since I decided to do what I am going to do, my bottom line would be: Never waste the opportunity that comes once in your life time!


  1. hey, how is doing? Quite long time not to be here. But u looks not too bad.
    I was just busy wiz hunting job. ANyway, the result is not bad.
    Hope things are all fine wiz u

  2. Hey man.. I totally get that compliment thing, it's what really fuels me to write more and whatnot. Anyways, keep blogging, and what is it you decided you're going to do?