Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Big Change To My Space

Since it's so slow to open windows spaces, I decided to hide some of the features on my space. I hid the photo albums, and it was really hard for me to make up my mind at first, as I have tons of pics in there, and I have been updating pics to the albums since the first day I started this space. But maybe after this change, my space can be a lot easier for others to view, and hopefully it will become more popular. Anyway, after the big change, I began to re-love my space, because I found it is very concise and it has its hightlights--the blogs...LOL...Stop being so self addicted. I am willing to make this space more popular...Yeah, maybe when I get famous...One day, hmmm, one day!

Haha, this is my utopia, I can have my day dreams whenever I want!

Here are two designs I like for the WesternMusic Board...I am looking forward to more good designs. Special thanks to ShaneFilan who made the Board T-shirt plan carried out, and thanks to his friends who designed these! Good Work!

 SJTU Designing version
Qinghua Designing Version


  1. welcome to my home 分享身边快乐:)

  2. fancy design for ur board t-shirt~~

  3. I like T-shirt of SJTU designing version! Maybe, I would house it.

  4. With pleasure!
    Coz I have been in love with our WM ever since the first time I met with her.