Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring Brings You Joy

It's really nice to breathe the air in the wide open space when the sun is shining, with flowers blooming. I just love the smell of spring. Not only because it's the symbol of hope or the beginning of a brand new year, but also because I have many good memories in spring. The smell in the air is special, and unique, which is only existing in spring. Whenever I breathe it in, my past and the joy I used to have just pour in on me--overwhelming!


In spring, I love listening to George Winston's piano, and falling asleep at nights;

                 I love riding my bike, and letting the wind get inside of me, cool and warm at the same time;

                 I love sitting by the window and staring at the sky in the night;

                 I love reading books by the lake and seeing the branches of willows floating in the air;

In spring, I love what it brings to me, making me soaking up in the joy.




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