Monday, January 29, 2007

Darn Diarrhoea

Can't believe that after Friday, I got this terrible diarrhoea...My body is already dehydrated and I feel dizzy and un-energetic. To top it off, the medicine that the school doctor gave to me is totally useless. I am not any better after I have taken the pills and capsules. Right now, I feel really helpless--nobody is around who can take care of me...I couldn't help thinking about the worse scenario that what if I die alone inside my dorm, and after maybe several days or several weeks, the cops find my dead rotten body in the bed. How pathetic! What did I do to deserve this?


Anyways, as for the darn diarrhoea, I can do nothing to it right now, because it's too late now and the hospital is closed on campus. And I can't go to the nearest hospital, because I can't afford the ridiculous price there. Yeah, this is abother pathetic thing! I will wait and see, if I am not any better tomorrow, I should ask for an injection or something...I don't know...I feel terrible...


For a whole day, I just had some cereal in the morning, then I just drank some salty water and water. I feel that I am wearing myself out. I went to bed at 1:00pm then got up at 11:00pm, because I have slept too much but I am still sick. So sleeping can't be much of help. I assume the reason I got the diarrhoea is because I had the beans in the 4th refectory and I had a glass of white wine on my friend's birthday dinner. Honestly, I have never had such terrible diarrhoea in my entire life! What's worse, I am alone suffering this!


I don't know what I can do, maybe I should just be strong, and remember since I can write the blog, I am not dying yet...Thank god~


Bless me...

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