Sunday, March 26, 2006

Going Back to School

Going back to school tomorrow, I just feel that it is worth my time and energy to come back home this time, though it's kinda weird to come home at this time of year when other people are still in school...


Anyways, the smell of spring in Chengdu here did remind me of my past which I will never forget. Though things have changed a lot ever since I have left this land, I still feel it's quite familiar, and this is where I grew up, this land, those people, they are just part of me...


Oh, I should stop here...I gotta watch TV--the most precious thing!



  1. Are graduate school students in Jiaotong so free to do whatever they want? It's a shame I'm going to slave for a foreign company soon. I'm gonna miss my campus by then. BTW, I saw the introduction of CA's new ablum on your website. Love her!!! Having 2 posters of her in my dorm. Hope she is as good as before. Watching TV can be dull, but watching American Idol is heaven!!!

  2. still remember i went back home last autumn when all the students were at school? that feeling was really amazin'!  beautiful weather with beautiful mood!
    BTW,I LOVE AMERICAN idol, much much much better than super girl!!!! lol~~~