Monday, November 7, 2005

The Theme Song

After I have watched the movie-'the myth', I began to love the theme song by Sun Nan and Han Hong. It's a very beautiful song. Well, actually, I don't love the movie much, because some actions in the movie are rather exaggerating and unreal. But I do love the traditional Chinese costumes and Chinese buildings in that movie, since it's not just beautiful, it's gorgeous and magnificent.


Lately, I feel that I am quite back to normal. Everyting's not as new as when I just got here. I have got used to all kinds of things here in SJTU. And I am not as curious as I used to be. This may be good or may be bad too. For one thing, I don't have to spend so much time to explore the unknown world that I don't have time to do I am supposed to do. For another, I began to feel kinda tired and exhausting when doing all the routine jobs everyday. I admit that I am not some kinda person who can bear the ordinary days...I don't know whether it's good or not for a student. But I know that as for now, it's pretty annoying that I think about other things when I am studying--I can't concentrate on my work...I don't know what's going on with me which is the worst thing ever!! To top this off, I went to bed so late every night that I can't get up on time in the morning...It's true that I am addicted to the easy life here. And it's pathetic that I can just write it here while I don't have a clue to handle this.  Will this condition continue for the rest of my first precious semester? Will this become the theme song of this semester? OMG~~*STOP*...This is a total disaster.


Well, since I have found my problem, I have to find some solutions to this problem. But according to  my limited experience, I guess maybe the easiest and most effective way to work this out is to uninstall all my computer games on this computer, and cut the internet off, so that I can do nothing but study and think critically. Also I can lock myself in a tiny room with just cookies and milk and the books that I need...Meanwhile, I should throw my cellphone into the Siyuan Lake, so I won't think about something else...


What do you say? Is this possible? Of course, I think if you are mentally healthy and if you are not a evil person, you will definitely say it's never gonna work. Ok, I agree with you.  I guess for a short time, I can not change my current situation, because as you have seen above, it's so hard...


Then where is my way out? where am I going? what should I do? Please show me the way...


  1. 懒洋洋的菲菲November 7, 2005 at 9:24 AM

    U know?Things will be OK as time goes by.Can't change it? Well,just accept it.Move on and enjoy it.