Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Masters Cup

Going to see the sports games live is always my dream, because I haven't been to do so. And among all the sports games, I love tennis most, because I like Hingis, I like Federer. But above all, I can't believe I can go to see this year's masters cup in Shanghai personally! And I can't believe I not only saw Bryan bothers, but also saw my hero--Roger Federer play the game, and they won at last. And ALL OF THESE ARE FREE!


It's  a great day for me today, even though I skipped 3 courses' Thermodynamics, and skipped my lunch. I got onto the bus to Qizhong Tennis Center to watch the masters cup. I felt very excited and talked much with my classmates...I decided to buy the tickets to watch the game at first, but considering nobody's gonna spend several hundred RMB to watch such kinda game with me I quit. I thought maybe I should do something more important--like studying. But today, I was given the free tickets to watch the game for free...It was so amazing! And many of my classmates also went there with me---This is what I want most! Without a second thought, I went to watch Federer play tennis...He defeated Ljubicic by 2:1...It's very classic!


This is my first time to attend such kinda a big event, and I guess I will have more opportunities in Shanghai...It's really amazing to watch your favorite players to play the game personally. I never felt so close to the world...I felt that I am keeping the pace with the world. But at the same time, I feel that I am so little compared to the big stars...I still remember that when I was in undergraduate school, my English teacher asked me if I wanna be a star...I thought it's such a far away thing that I may never consider this seriously. But today, I felt that being a star is not impossible actually. Big stars are also human beings. Of course the most important thing today is that I HAVE SEEN FEDERER PLAY TENNIS!! I guess I will keep on being excited till tomorrow. It was really a big meal for a tennis fan.^_^




  1. sorry to announce that: you are chosen by the game in my space. Have a look at it and keep it continue....thax!

  2. Please read the instruction of the game carefully......stupid......don't do as 文盲 do.......hehe,just a joke!The introduction will show you how to do it.