Monday, October 24, 2005

To Where I Belonged

Two days' trip to Nanjing is really short, eapecially when I have lots of friends to hang out with and lots of places to go. Well, I went to Nanjing yesterday, and went to SEU to visit my friends there. It has been 4 months before I left SEU, but everything there seems to be so familiar to me. When I was there, I felt that I am still a student there, no any more difference than others. It was good to get back where I used to be, but it's here that my life continues. Of course, it's a little bit sad that I have to leave my friends in such a short time, but it's a good thing that we all are striving for our future. I am glad that we have this oppurtunity to achieve what we can do.


Coming back is not easy, especially when I slept for just 1 hour last night----we played the cards till 5am in the morning today...It was crazy, but fun. Obviously, I know that we may not be like this in the future, or our days together will be less and less...


I arrived at Shanghai at noon today, and slept in my dorm till night...then I have to prepare for  'Matrix Theory' and ' Computing Method'---the two tough lessons...

Tired and Stressed


  1. could you show me how to write in Korean?

  2. Learning English is a duty for me now while learning Korean is my interest....They are not contraditory, right?