Monday, September 19, 2005

Too Sunny

Today is Monday-the first day on the third week on Minhang Campus. Last night, our class had a union together to celebrate Mid-Autumn Day. We had a great time together, and we got to know each other better...I went back to dorm at 05:00am this morning at last.


I have been in Shanghai for 9 days, and it's always sunny except the typhoon on 11th. It's nice to have to the sun shining in the sky when you have some clothes to dry, however, when it comes to hanging out or playing ball games, it's a total disaster to have such sunny days. And everytime I am taking a shower, I found myself get tanned and getting darker. I hate to say this, but somehow I prefer not to do anything in the sun. Well, since Minhang Campus is pretty new and huge, and what's more, fewer trees beside the roads, I got burnt and tanned no matter what during my first week in here...I played tennis, and I got sweat all over my body; I played ping pong, and I got wet all over again~~so I was thinking maybe I should have played those ball games naked so that I don't have to wash my clothes twice a day...LOL...hmm. Of course there is another bless too---I got the excuse not to go out, so I have more time logging on.


Let me see when I can have the rain drops on this land...



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