Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another Drivel

After coming back for some time, I begin to get back to my internet life It's precious for me at this moment, because after that I am gonna leave home again in Sep. Chongqing's hot weather evaporated me for almost 12 days---I didn't log on, my cellphone service was terminated...but Chengdu's cold weather condensed me back...Maybe it's the fault of carbon dioxide that makes the climate so weird.


(I don't know how come when I feel like writing I don't have the chance, but when I am sitting in front of the computer, my mind just got frozen...)


It's been a while that I left high school, well, A LONG WHILE, and I can't believe how fast things have changed. Maybe 3 years later, I may not recognize the face and streets that I was familiar not...Recently, I feel an obvious backward move of my English. I know how hard it is to keep it good as an non-native speaker, especially, those who don't even have an English environment. But I guess I have tried my best to keep it using--the least tiring way of keeping it. Of course, I know if I wanna still make any progress, I have to do lots of things...vocabulary, logic, or something...still a long way to go.


My step-sister in Nanjing came to Chengdu for her summer vacation, and it's kinda weird that I have to speak to her in Putonghua, while speaking to others in Sichuan dialect. Somtimes I got trapped in converting the dialects, and I made lots of jokes. I have to admit that my Putonghua is rather poor, though I was so damn proud of it when I was in primary Surely, I spoke Putonghua when I was in Nanjing, but I never thought I was good at it, cos I am such kinda person who always gets tongue-tied in public, and who's never good at expressing himself. Elyn used to tell me that my dialect made her feel that I was from Guangdong. For some reason, it's cool to speak Guangdong-Putonghua, cos I am more inclined to be that way. I once recorded my dialog with my roomies, the pronounciation that I was quite sure it was standard, but when I played it, it was pretty interesting that it just sounded like my English teacher who is also from Sichuan. When I was on Pukou Campus, my friend Oscar told me that it's not easy for the southerners to speak the standard Putonghua, because the structures of their mouths and tongues are more used to their dialects. Likewise, northerners can't learn the southern accents so easily. And I can still clearly remember the first day I came to Nanjing, I was so not accustomed to the Putonghua that everybody has to speak there...and it took me 2 days to get myself used to it. But 4 years later, when I am back to Chengdu, I found that many people in the shops or restaurants speaking Putonghua, especially the waiters and waitresses. That fact that Sichuan dialect was originally from Putonghua makes people here can convert Sichuan dialect to Putonghua easily, and both the two dialects have influence on each other. So another dialect turns up---Chuan-Pu...LOL~~it is a funny dialect, and I made lots of it...I guess not only me, all Sichuanese do!  and the most disastrous thing is listening to my uncle speaking Putonghua on the phone to our relatives in other provinces...maybe it's funny for us in Sichuan to hear it, but I don't know how others think. Maybe my uncle knows how funny it was, so he seldom speaks Putonghua, even when he was speaking to someone who speaks Putonghua. Anyway I have to  continue converting Sichuan dialect to Putonghua and vice versa,if I am still in Chengdu or speaking to Sichuanese or others...but I am sure I won't be like the first time I came to Nanjing this time when I am in Shanghai.

  I will make the best of whatever comes my way.


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  2. well, actually,hylic, ur putonghua is much more like the accent in taiwan. lol~~~~ and actually ur english is pretty good(we all can see ur excellent english here) although u said u still had a long way to go. hope u could make much more progress then. and i bat the girl called faye is ur cute younger sis ,right? and nice trip to jiuzhai,and show me ur pics when u r back. looking forward the beautiful sight there,my dreaming ,fantastic world!!!!!!