Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Short North

Because of family recently, we have been traveling between Columbus and here quite a bit. Compared to other cities in Ohio, Columbus is the most prosperous and open city in the region. It’s no surprise that while other cities are shrinking, Columbus is growing quite rapidly. There are a few places that you can walk in downtown area, but the Short North neighborhood might be one of the best areas in the city. Last time, we went to Max’s Café and had lunch there. And across the street, there is a very nice toy store where you can find really old toys you played back in the 80s or earlier. Rocket Fizz candy store is down the street, where you can find all weird candies and pops. Not too far away along the road, you can find OSU-one of the best universities in the nation. It’s really nice to go some place in downtown, where you can enjoy the walk without being too concerned about safety, especially at night.

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