Saturday, March 28, 2015

Microsoft Band Failed

So I bought this Microsoft Band a few months ago, and I have been quite cautious with it since it’s not waterproof. I always took it off when I washed something or got into shower. So after a while, my left wrist started to itch, but I never paid attention to it. Yesterday, when I took it off to charge, I accidentally notice the corrosion on the sensor side where it touched my wrist skin which is constantly itchy. I was quite shocked that whatever material on there could be so reactive and it looks quite scary. When I was wearing my Fitbit, I never had such issues and I even wore it in the shower. I wanted to return the Band, but the store sales person didn’t allow me to. I am quite disappointed with this Microsoft Band, and I thought they should have done a much better job than put customers health in jeopardy.

2015-03-28 1832102015-03-28 183222

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