Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mid-November Update

Although the temperature is mild in winter here, we had a dramatic temperature drop 2 days ago. It snowed a little bit and the snowy view in the back yard was pretty cool. Being living in the apartment with dogs wasn’t my favorite part so I really appreciate the back yard in the new house. The only issue, though, is that Jacob is too adventurous and sometimes he jumps out of the fence. As much as I would love to give him a lot of space, it’s not safe at all. So I tied a leash with 40 feet length in the center of the yard for him.

After the Qualifying exams, it seems I am finally back to where I left two years ago. Losing 2 years in my PhD stage is not something that I should be proud of, but I guess everyone is different and there is nothing I should be ashamed of. It was just pure bad luck to experience those type of things back in UC. However, I am lucky to have a second chance and finally have what I desired.

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