Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Motorola Defy XT Duo-Band

I have been using Republic Wireless for months and I have also recommended it to my friends, simply because of its cheap monthly bill thanks to its hybrid coverage supported by WiFi and Sprint network. It’s good that I could update my single band Motorola Defy XT to a duo-band Defy a couple of days ago. So I received the new package last night and I successfully updated my cellphone to a new one. The old Defy did have some issues when I made phone calls. Knowing that switching between WiFi and cellular network could cause disconnection, I normally don’t walk around when I make calls or I simply disable the WiFi when knowing I would expect calls. So far I haven’t had any major issues other than missing some calls without realizing that. Hopefully, this new duo-band Defy will solve the issues. We shall see.


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