Friday, March 2, 2012

Early Tornado


I think I heard the news about the tornados hitting southern part of the state early morning the day before yesterday and the weather was weirdly nice yesterday. But we received several emails warning us about the new tornados coming today. Apparently, I am not very used to the climate here, but I do think the tornados coming so early this year is a bit odd. I remember we had lots of rain in April in Cincinnati and it wasn’t normal. One of the notices about the preparation for the tornado is that if there is no shelter nearby, we should lay a mattress in the kitchen with a fridge and a stove. I was picturing that in my head and it makes sense since those are the basic needs for food and warmth when you are alone and who knows when you can be saved from the debris. I guess sometimes those details that we normally take for granted matter at a crucial time like that. It reminds me of the disastrous earthquake happened in 2008 in China when more than 10,000 people were killed. Human beings are so small and vulnerable when compared with mother nature indeed. So we will see what will happen later today. Knowing most of the weather forecasts were not accurate in my past experience, I am not quite buying the warning this time but alerts are necessary.

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