Saturday, February 4, 2012

New To Town

So I changed my status on Facebook and other sites, in order to keep my friends updated. I thought I wanted to keep this whole moving thing a low key initially, but then I realized since I am the "victim", I don’t have the obligation or anything to keep my mouth shut. What’s horrible needs to be revealed so that I could save people from that hell hole somehow if possible. Yes, if there is anybody asks me about it, I would be more than happy to answer.

So I have been in Lexington for a month and it seems everything was great, from study, research to my daily life. Maybe it’s one of the advantages of living in a small city where it’s convenient and people are friendly to each other. And of course, more importantly, you can feel the respect from people in lab and school. As much as I would love to explore the city, I have been busy with getting myself used to the new life faster and I know I don’t have any more time to waste. The city reminds of Chengdu in some ways as both of them are flat and convenient. One of my lab members said he still loves the city even though he has been here for 5 years. I guess in terms of daily life, this city is more than enough to satisfy my needs since I don’t need noisy crowds, fancy clubs or jammed freeways. I only need that I can go anywhere within 15 minutes. With Macy’s and those department stores down Nicholasville Road and lab up South Limestone Road, you can pretty much get everything done more efficiently.


I am sure as time goes by, there will be more to discover. Although I am not a big fan of burgers or sliders, Ken and I went to a small town east to Lexington to have the burgers at Krystal, a counterpart of While Castle in the south. Out conclusion was that White Castle won in both prices and quality of the burgers. Maybe that’s why White Castle is more famous that Krystal-people are not blind.


The strawberry cake was probably the sweetest cake I have ever had in the America and I almost puked while finishing it. It wasn’t healthy at all.

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