Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Comes May

photo (3)

Here is a blurry picture that I took from my iPod Touch and I love the color combination of this picture although the resolution is quite low with my shaky hands while I was walking towards the street where I parked my car. April has been very difficult for me and I guess no matter where I am, my moods are always the same and nothing can change that. May is the season when I can smell the beginning of the summer, but the constant rain this year made it quite impossible and the weather has been strangely cold lately. But last Saturday was warm and sunny so my friend and I went to Santorini, a local Greek restaurant, for brunch. The food there was not expensive and I ordered a bacon omelette. I wish there could be more such relaxing moments but I guess right now it’s pretty luxurious to dream about sitting even in a coffee shop to stare at the passers-by and to let time slip away.



  1. 不是,就是白面包,里面自己涂了点葡萄果酱