Monday, December 14, 2009

The Tail of 2009-The Taste of 2010?

I stayed in the lab right after the final exam and I did not have dinner until 10:00pm when my advisor treated us in an Indian restaurant. On Sunday, I had to come to the lab to work until 11:00pm, then I went to Wal-mart to get groceries. I could not go to bed until 2:00pm and to top it off, I was told to come to the lab on Monday at 8:00am. It’s right, everything is right as I have expected. As 2009 is gone pretty soon, I can slightly feel how my 2010 is going to be like. The fortune tellers said after all these years of hard working, it’s going to pay off. And I guess that’s one of the major reasons why I am always so energetic and diligent without any complaining-I am so different now. Although I am far from the position where I want to be, I guess it’s getting closer to me each day. I hope the fortune tellers are right.

Basically there is nothing much new here. As I was abandoned by the church organization here, I found life is quite peaceful and quiet. Occasionally I could see some of the schoolmates walking on the road. Yeah, as I got busy, I could not attend any bible study on Fridays. So Shaun stopped calling me on each Thursday and sending me emails telling me to join their bible study on Fridays. Man, I could barely have the time of my own to study Analytical Methods, how am I supposed to have time for your bible study? I am sorry. So I think he did a favor for both of us by deleting my name from his list. As much as I would thank Shaun for arranging everything when I first got here, when it comes to religion, I am not going to be converted as long as I am conscious. I think they can understand, at least I hope so.

As Christmas is getting closer, the music I could hear most on the radio here is Christmas music and the atmosphere is much stronger than in China which is not a Christian country yet. I don’t feel homesick yet when I listen to those songs, not like some other people. Maybe as time goes by, I might hide in my bed one day and cry for Chinese Spring Festival. Life is not easy, but I am not going to surrender to these obstacles, as all I know is freaking deal with it.


  1. 加油加油!越来越忙,越来越棒,这是个循环。